These are a few of my go tos; my absolute favourite blogs for recipes and nutrition: 

Recipe Blogs: 

1. Sprouted Kitchen

2. Oh She Glows

3. Deliciously Ella

4. Ambitious Kitchen

5. Love and Lemons

6. Skinny Taste

7. Kath Eats Real Food


Top Sites for Special Diets: 

1. Sue Shepard

- Info on Celiac Disease, FODMAPs, food allergies, intolerances, elimination diets

2. Kate Scarlata

- A great dietitian blog on FODMAPs and IBS diets, including lots grocery lists, info, and recipes

3. Jennifer Sygo

- Excellent blog from a dietitian with expertise in sports nutrition 

4. Gluten Free Girl and the Chef

- All gluten-free recipes, and info on Celiac disease

5. Gluten Free Goddess

- Again, great recipe blog for people with Celiac Disease

6. Nutrition Stripped

- All Recipes are gluten and dairy free; many vegan/vegetarian options, and some paleo friendly recipes. 

7. This Rawsom Vegan Life

- Great Vegetarian/Vegan recipe blog based in whole foods, many raw recipes



1. General Healthy Eating; A good starting place for anyone

  • In Defense of Food, Michael Pollan
  • What to Eat, Marion Nestle
  • Food Rules: An Eater's Manual, Michael Pollan
  • Mindless Eating, Brian Wansink
  • Eat Right Ontario
  • Nutrition Action

2. Food Allergies and Intolerances, IBS

  • Food Intolerance Management Plan, Sue Shepard
  • GI Society

3. Sport and Performance Nutrition

4. Specific Medical Diagnoses/Conditions

*Note: If you are looking for nutrition information related to a specific medical diagnosis/condition, please contact myself or another registered dietitian, or speak with your doctor. The sites listed below provide some general information but are not intended to replace medical advice or specific individualized nutrition advice from your registered dietitian. 


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